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Time to renew your Greenwich wooden floors

Crooms Hill was the last home of a Poet Laureate, though his Oscar-winning actor son is probably far better known today...

Natural wooden floors have been known and appreciated for centuries.  For hard wear combined with the beauty of their grain, they are the ideal floor surface.

A natural product implies natural wear.  But don’t despair - those marks and scratches can be removed by our modern sanding techniques.

When you get specialist floor repair and restoration from:

                                                                        The Greenwich Floor Sanding Masters!

Place your floor in our safe hands.

The best advice

from a family firm with twenty years experience -

of creating floors anew in every setting.

From homes and offices to shops, restaurants, libraries and bars.

Your floor restored:

No matter how old or poor the condition of your floor:

whether solid boards of oak or pine

  • or parquet and herringbone blocks:

Our programme for a beautiful new floor:

realign and reset wobbly boards or blocks.

replace damaged timber with matching new or reclaimed material.

filling in gaps for an even look, if so desired.


sanding away the layers of paint or sealant.

staining the fresh bare wood for a new colour to match your decor.

And resealing with the fresh protection of natural oil, hard wax oil or lacquer.

Our modern sealants are water-based and perfectly safe for use in the home, bathroom, kitchen - and among pets and children.

A clean and efficient job:

We aim to minimise your inconvenience.

We can clear rooms of large items of furniture -  and dispose of carpets.

Disruption to your work schedule?  We can work flexibly - at weekends or even overnight - for a speedy job so you won’t lose business.

As for dust, we ensure 99% dustfree sanding with our cylinder machines that collect dust from outside each room of your property.

All work completed to the highest standards:

We finish each job to the highest degree of workmanship.  And by using the best quality materials, your floor will last and keep its looks.

It will prove a worthwhile investment.

After care:

A little care goes a long way.  Take our advice on the best means of keeping your floor in prime condition after its restoration.

Your new floor awaits its transformation..

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                                                                         The Greenwich Floor Sanding Specialists!


Cecil Day Lewis (1904-72) was a left-wing poet of the thirties along with Auden and Isherwood.  

Like others have found, poetry and making translations rarely paid, so along with school-mastering, Lewis wrote over twenty detective novels under the pseudonym of Nicholas Blake.

He was poetry professor at Oxford from 1951-56 and became Laureate in 1968.  Lewis lies in Stinsford churchyard, Dorset near his hero, Thomas Hardy.

As for his son, Daniel (b. 1957) is an acclaimed actor who has created a host of memorable performances on screen.

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assistance available 24/7

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